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Chicken Curry

Undeniably one of our most popular preparations.
Serve with plenty of steamed white or brown rice

For the marinade:

1 tsp    Wild Ginger curry powder
½ tsp   white pepper
1 tsp    sesame oil
1          egg white
Tbl    rice wine
2 tsp    corn starch
1½ lb  chicken breast

For the curry:

2          green onions, bulb and greens, thinly sliced
1          shallot, thinly sliced
2          cloves garlic, minced
1          medium yellow onion, finely chopped
2 Tbl    rice wine
1½       cup chicken stock
¾         cup coconut cream
1½ Tbl  Wild Ginger curry powder
1 tsp     sugar
            fish sauce
to taste


Marinate chicken for 30 minutes.  Cut into bite size pieces.

Heat wok and sauté green onion bulbs (save greens to be used for garnish)
and thinly sliced shallots over medium high heat until slightly brown.

Add yellow onion and garlic to wok, sauté for 1 minute.

Over medium high heat, sweep onions to the side of the wok and add chicken.
Brown on all sides.

Deglaze wok with rice wine.  Add chicken stock,
coconut cream, Wild Ginger curry powder and sugar.

Bring to a boil and let sauce reduce and thicken. 
Season with fish sauce, to taste.

Serve your curry over steamed jasmine or brown rice and
garnish with reserved sliced green onions.


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